Core Values of Care

Residents Rights

  • Ensuring Residents have the opportunity to vote in elections and brief themselves fully on the democratic options.
  • Preserving for residents full and equal access to all elements of the National Health Service.
  • Assisting residents’ access to public services such as libraries, assisted technology and community services.
  • Facilitating Residents’ contribution within the Home.


  • We endeavour to provide an environment and structure of support that could otherwise be hazardous for Residents. Slips/Trips/Falls Risk Assessments are carried out on admission and reviewed as and when required.
  • Protect Residents from all forms of abuse and possible abusers.
  • Ensure Residents and Relatives are aware of the procedures and accessibility for complaints/grievances.
  • Creating a positive and transparent family environment within the Home.


  • Assisting residents in maintaining their self-care where appropriate and awareness of potential risks.
  • Ensuring Residents maintain links with contacts outside the home.
  • Giving all Residents the opportunity to contribute to the records of their own care and to express their views on their core values of care.


  • Informing ourselves, as fully as each resident wishes, about their individual histories and characteristics.
  • Providing leisure and recreational activities to suit the tastes and abilities of all residents and to stimulate participation.
  • Responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic and spiritual values and practices of every resident.
  • Respecting our residents’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity. Helping our Residents to maintain existing contacts and to make new liaisons and friendships.
  • Attempting always to listen and attend promptly to any Resident’s desire to communicate at whatever level.
  • Arranging regular Resident/Relative Meetings (approx. every 6 weeks).

Privacy and Dignity

  • Helping Residents to personalise and equip their rooms as they wish.
  • Providing keys to their rooms and a secure place for their valuables.
  • Giving Residents the opportunity to maintain privacy when receiving visitors, making telephone calls, or opening and reading their mail.
  • Securing all Residents’ records and information and respecting the confidentiality of those records.
  • Treating each Resident as an individual and a respected member of the family circle.
  • Assisting Residents to maintain their dignity through their personal appearance and behaviour.
  • Domiciliary Hairdressing, Chiropody, Ophthalmic, Audiology, Dental Services, Physiotherapy etc.
  • Promoting activities that encourage Residents to express themselves as individuals.
  • Helping Residents to overcome any shortcomings they may experience through age, sensory, disability, i.e. communication, physical functioning, mobility.

Freedom of Choice

  • Provide comprehensive information on the home and the quality of service and core values of care available.
  • Provide each Resident with a contract or a statement of terms and conditions of residency.
  • Carry out a needs assessment on each Resident prior to admission.
  • Demonstrate to each Resident that we can meet their individually assessed needs, avoiding wherever possible treating Residents as a homogeneous group.
  • Enabling Residents to manage their own time.
  • Offer the opportunity for prospective Residents to assess the home by way of a trial visit.
  • Provide a range of fresh produce meals that Residents can choose from our four weekly menus prepared by our chef.
  • Continually offer a range of social and leisure activities and entertainment, five days a week.
  • Provide spiritual support – Church attendance and visiting Clergy.
  • Maintain maximum flexibility in the daily life within the home.