Food & Drink

Geting to know you

How often do you see them? *
Do they live with you? *
Can you provide a description of the mealtime routine through the day? *
1. Have there been any significant change in their appetite or eating or drinking?
1.1 In the last few days?
2. Can you provide as much information as possible on their usual food or drink intake. Do they eat/drink at breakfast?
3. Do they eat or drink mid-morning?
4. Do they eat of drink at lunchtime?
5. Do they eat or drink mid-afternoon?
6. Do they eat or drink at tea time?
7. Do they eat or drink at suppertime?
How does the person usually eat and drink at home?
Do they sit at the table? *
Needs prompting to sit/remain at the table? *
Do they prefer to eat at a table with others? *
Needs assistance or prompting? *
Prompting verbally? *
Needs prompting to chew? *
Needs prompting to swallow? *
Can they locate crockery/cutlery on the table? *
Needs assistance to locate cutlery or plate? *
Are they distracted by other items on the table? *
Do they need assistance to be fed? *
Packaging around food and drink
Are they able to attempt to open things? *
Needs aids or adaptations?
Needs special cup/straw/thickened fluids to drink? *
Recognises cutlery?
Able to use cutlery with their hands? *
Special cutlery required: *
Are they better with finger foods? *